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  • Delivering Child Safety Presentations: Best Practices

    Contains 10 Component(s)

    This course is designed for educators, law enforcement, youth serving professionals, and others who plan to use NCMEC’s prevention presentation resources with youth and adult audiences. Gain useful tips and recommended strategies for planning, implementing and following up on in-person or virtual community presentations.

  • Introduction to Child Sex Trafficking

    Contains 3 Product(s)

    Free & Open to All You can help end and prevent child sex trafficking! This three-part online training course introduces the complex and multifaceted subject of child sex trafficking. By addressing indicators, vulnerabilities, and the trauma associated with child sex trafficking, this course will provide a deeper understanding of the issue and its impact on victims and communities. This course is ideal for parents, educators, law enforcement, child-serving professionals, and anyone interested in expanding their understanding of the topic of child sex trafficking. Estimated course duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes Course is self-paced and can be completed at any pace.

  • Teaching Online Safety

    Contains 16 Component(s)

    Teaching children and teens about online safety. As our on- and offline lives become ever-more connected, it’s important that children are aware of potential dangers and feel empowered to make safer digital choices. Teaching kids to be good digital citizens is one of the first steps to keeping them safer online.